Security IDs manager

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Security id records are generated automatically when Lyquidity software is registered as part of the licensing process. Usually Lyquidity software is licensed for use on one PC at a time and when software has been registered the record created will be ‘active’. If the software is subsequently installed on another PC and registered with a license key that has been used, a new security id record will be created but it will not be active. As a result it will not be possible to use the second installation until it is made active here. This is the real purpose of this page. This might happen because a single user wants to be able to use the software on more than one PC or because the operating system was re-installed or upgraded.

What is a security id?

Every Windows installation includes several security ids: one for the machine, one for the domain and one for the user. Each account on the machine will have its own security id and ids cannot be changed. Lyquidity software uses the user security id.

Activating a security id

If the security id shown in the list is not active the software it will not be possible to use the software on a PC with that security ids. To enable the security id, click on the corresponding check box and press the ‘Save changes’ button. If more than one security id is active and the license does not permit that many simultaneous activations, you will be informed. If this is the case then uncheck one of the other records and try to save changes again.

Removing a security id

If you have installed and licensed software on another PC and the original PC will no longer be used you can remove the corresponding record by clicking on the ‘remove’ button and then clicking on the ‘Save changes’ button.

Adding another security id

When a security id record is created as part of the software licensing process a default comment is added to help you identify each security id. However you might want to change the comment. Comments cannot be edited directly so you must copy the security id of which you want to change the comment and paste the id into the security id box and add a corresponding comment. If you click the ‘Save changes button straight away the change will not be saved and an error will be report to confirm the security id already exists. Instead, before saving you must also remove the exist security id record. Now when you save the the old re

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